Friday, March 20, 2009

Welding Rocks!

I have wanted to take a welding class since a very uptight college sculpture professor refused to teach us, his students, despite the fact we had welding bays just sitting there unused.  His reasoning--we wouldn't be able to complete enough projects if we were trying to master the skills of welding.  Well, I finally had the chance to do it.  The studio where I print and teach teens, Highpoint Center for Printmaking, is closed for the summer as it moves to an amazing, newly renovated space on Lake Street.  Chomping at the bit to get out of my tiny home studio, I decided to take Welding for Artists at Minneapolis Community and Technical College.  Incidentally, I have been going through the more than mildly frustrating process of applying for grad school.  What better way to de-stress and pass the time while waiting for responses from schools than melting two pieces of metal together.

My partner's Flashdance fantasies aside, metalworking makes me fell like a little bit of a bad ass.  Flying sparks, explosive gasses, temperatures in the thousands, toxic fumes--okay, I may be exaggerating the danger a bit for effect.  The sculpture I am working on is progressing well; I will post pictures when it gets a little more developed.  In the meantime, massage my vanity and check out these pics:


  1. I've always made jewelry and I got the chance to take a welding class and loved it. I totally felt bad ass! Weld on!

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