Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Art on Track: Success!

All I have to say is, "Thanks Chicago for the wild ride!"....
Art on Track was a tremendous success. Spudnik's Press's group installation looked fabulous, moving with the movements of the train, as did the entire length of Train #8. The Spudnik Press end of the car included the work of Sanya Glisic, Liz Born, Michelle Mashon, and Nev Pilipovic-Wengler. Also in Train #8 was a local painter, Renee Robbins, and photographer Beth Mercer.

We raised a whole bunch of money for artist and commmunity access at Spudnik with the mini-print machines.

Angee Lennard, the Director of Spudnik, was busy printing woodcuts while the train was in motion.

Plus, there was a lot of coverage of the event, including documentation of the entire process by Six Inches from the Center, a local non-profit working to photograph and archive the emerging art scene here in Chicago.

We also got some mainstream media coverage, including a spot on the local ABC affiliate,

a piece on Chicago Public Radio's Eight Forty-Eight,

a little article on page 3 of the August 6th Chicago Tribune,

and an article in the Chicago Sun Times.

Thanks the few thousand people who were brave enough to try this unique art interaction!

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