Sunday, February 21, 2010

Release Party for a Collaborative Print Project!

What: Artifice Issue #1 Release Party and Show
When: 7:00 pm, Saturday, Feb. 27, 2010
Where: Loft 3A, 3036 N. Lincoln, Chicago, IL

Project Description: The print above is my contribution to a collaboration between the artists and writers listed below for the inaugural issue of a new non-profit literary magazine here in Chicago called Artifice. All the prints were designed by the artists in response to poems or short stories in this first issue, then printed by Angee Lennard at Spudnik Press. I responded to Jessica Bozek's poem, "Sketch for the Fantasist's Tales". There will be special deluxe issues available for purchase that include all the prints, as well as individual and suites of prints. All proceeds from the sales benefit Artifice and Spudnik(both non-profits), then the individual artists once the initial set of prints sell. There will also be other prints on display and sale for your viewing and purchasing pleasure, plus drinks and a DJ.

Participating Artists:
Liz Born
Lilli Carre
Sanya Glisic
Kim Heiney
Angee Lennard
Jeremy Lundquist
Michelle Mashon
Colin Palombi
Tom Wilder

Participating Authors:
Kelly Haramis
Tim Jones-Yelvington
Jefferson Navicky
Christopher Phelps
Derek Phillips
Kathleen Rooney
Davis Schneiderman
Susan Slaviero
I will also have prints for sale from my own cut, so if you can't come to the event, e-mail me for info!

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