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lingerloop(the frenetic fade)

lingerloop(the frenetic fade),
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Opening tonight, at the Chicago Cultural Center:
Printervention // Printing for the Public

Linger., my contribution to this show, is an attempt to engage the WPA poster tradition without making a poster, really, or at least by making a poster you want to touch and that changes over time. My contribution functions both as a single work and as an installation, and will be hung outside around Chicago and Detroit for the 2010 U.S. Social Forum.

Here is a summary of the description of the project:

linger. is a cyanotype under screen print on handmade paper

Though appearing thin and fragile, the paper is very strong, capable of withstanding handling and weathering. The cyanotype image will fade in natural light over time, a chemical reaction characteristic of this photo process, but return if kept in the dark for a while. Additionally, if you look at the fifteen prints of this edition side-by-side, the cyanotype image underneath fades gradually from view, leaving skeletal traces and text. This edition is an animation, really, that questions both the assumption of a static edition and the viewer’s interaction with the installed piece, a printed object that alters itself.

Here is a description of Printervention and a list of participating artists:

Following the success of last years' Version Festival program: the Bridgeport WPA pilot project, we have asked artists from around the country to create works that raise awareness of social and political issues of our day.

Join us for an incredible exhibition of over 70 posters and prints.
Plus a mural by the Montreal based duo Seripop.


Artists include //
Alex Valentine
Andrew Blackley
Andy Luce
Angee Lennard, Spudnik Press
Antonio Pazarán, Instituto Gráfico de Chicago
Bryan Christopher Baker, Stukenborg
Chad Kouri, The Post Family
Christina Vantzou
Cirilo Esquivel, Instituto Gráfico de Chicago
CJ Mace
Clay Hickson, WORKSPACE
Cody Haltom, Public School
Colin Matthes, Justseeds
Cynthia Marris, The Printstitue
Damon Locks
Dan Grzeca
Dan S. Wang
Delicious Design League, Billy Baumann and Jason Teegarden-Downs
Derek Dietrich-Muller
Dominic Fortunato
Eric J. Garcia
Gregory Calvert
Ina Weise
Jennifer Farrell, Starshaped Press
Jenny Beorkrem, Ork Posters
Jeremiah Chiu, Plural
Jessica Owings
Jessica Taylor
Jon Resh
Jose L. Gutierrez , Instituto Gráfico de Chicago
Julia V. Hendrickson
Justin Cox, Public School
Katie McCauley, Strangelight
Renata Graw
Keith G. Herzik, Alamo Igloo
Kenton Quatman
Laura Klein
Letterform, Inc, Julie Morelli & Andy Schwegler
Lise Haller Baggesen
Luke Williams
Margot Harrington
Marvin Chan, The Printstitute
Mary Tremonte, Justseeds
Michelle Mashon, Spudnik Press
Nick Adam
Nick Bahr and Janet Webber
Nick Du Pey, Young Monster
Nicolas Lampert
Rand Renfrow
Rebecca Ann Rakstad, Rar Rar Press
Ricardo Serment, Instituto Gráfico de Chicago
Richard Repasky, The Printstitute
Richie Bearden, WORKSPACE
Reuben Kincaid
Ryan Duggan
Salvador Jiménez, Yollocalli Arts Reach
Sanya Glisic, Spudnik Press
Shaun Lind, Public School
Sonnenzimmer, Nick Butcher and Nadine Nakanishi
Steve Walters, Screwball Press
SuperKonductor, David R. Head, Jr. and Jen Hazen,
The Little Friends of Printmaking
Thirst, John Pobojewski + Bud Rodecker
Tyler Galloway
Vanessa Sanchez, Instituto Gráfico de Chicago
Veronica Corzo-Duchardt, winterbureau
Will Bryant, Public School

Printervention, organized by Emily Clayton, Chris Roberson and Ed Marszewski, is part of Version Festival 2010, an annual arts festival in Chicago produced by the Public Media Institute that brings together hundreds of artists, musicians and educators from around the world.

As always, you can see more example of my work(and more video animations) by clicking on my portfolio in the upper right corner of this page. That will take you to my complete flickr portfolio.

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