Thursday, June 24, 2010

The P.I.T 5x7 Box is Available!

It may be summer break, but Pulp, Ink, Thread, the graduate student group of the Interdisciplinary Book and Paper MFA program at Columbia, has a new publishing project now available for sale. This project is a fundraiser, proceeds going to group activities like visiting lecturers andprofessional development trips. This is an awesome taster project by a great group of artists with more work to come. To view this project or if you are interested in purchasing this project, please e-mail me.
screenprint on handmade abaca, hemp, flax paper

screenprint on Lettra

Contributing artists:

Haley Nagy
Maggie Puckett
Don Widmer
Daniel Mellis
CJ Mace
Amy Rabas
Trisha Martin
Jana Sim
April Llewellyn

In addition to designing and printing the cover and colophon, my contribution to this project is Mantis Mash-Up!, a lasercut, screenprint that can be pulled apart to make a modular sculpture. How you put it back together is your choice!

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