Thursday, July 22, 2010

Leo-like End of Summer

What started as a lamb of a summer is going out like a lion, so help me celebrate my first year in Chicago at a few killer art events I am involved with in July and August:
a sneak peak of one of the printed fabric sculptures I will be installing
Here. It. Comes........
Sat. Aug. 7, 2010: Art on Track
8 Trains. 1 Track. Gobs of Artists.
Have you ever gotten on the L-train and something so strange was going down that you felt completely disoriented, unsure of where you were?
Well, get ready to feel that again. On purpose!

We will be circling the Loop for 5 hours on the Orange Line in trains converted into mobile art installation environments, each one with different artists and different approaches. Your ticket lets you jump trains to your heart's content as we circle downtown Chicago.

The details:
When: Sat. August 7, 2010 5-10pm
Where: Downtown Chicago, The Loop Orange Line, Entrances at Adams/Wabash and Washington/Wells
Admission: $10 at station (or get a 30% discount online when you use the promotional code AoTFriend at
Car I will be on: Train 8(Addington Gallery)
Who will in our car:

Addington Gallery

featuring: Beth Mercer

Like a marathon of art, we have only a few hours to install the whole train with, with no electricity and twenty minutes to de-install.

This is the Iron Man of Art. Come see how the race unfolds!

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July 30, 2010 The Printer's Ball: Print Loves Digital
The sixth annual Printers’ Ball, which this year takes as its theme “Print Loves Digital,” is an annual celebration of literary culture founded by Poetry magazine and other independent Chicago literary organizations. The Printers’ Ball is produced with the Center for Book & Paper Arts and the Student Affairs Offices of Columbia College Chicago.

FRIDAY, JULY 30, 2010 /// 6 PM TO 11 PM


Lots of magazines. Books. Posters. Galore.
Broadsides & busy beavers. Newspapers & weeklies.
Zines. Poetry, fiction & all that. Buttons, stickers
& more. Reading & performing, or something like it.
Red carpet. Screenings, Web things & digital
writing — electrified in general; because PRINT <3DIGITAL .
Making, inking, stamping. Getting hands dirty.
Dancing, music, DJs. Playing. All free.

+ Beer, food & revelry.

As part of the Printers' Ball, in a collaborative project organized by the Chicago Printer's Guild, the Center for Book and Paper, and Poetry Magazine, 20 artists were paired with 20 poets to produce a portfolio of broadsides to be released at the celebration.

In collaboration with poet Leila Wilson, my contribution can be seen below :

The portfolio release time has not been announced yet, so come to the party and view the portfolio while you are there getting your hands dirty with a little letterpress, screen printing, papermaking, and the Copy Jam!

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Sat., July 24th, 2010 Spudnik Press Celebrates 3 years!
Three Far Out Years
Spudnik Press Fundraiser and Celebration
Saturday, July 24, 2010

Open House

1821 W Hubbard, Suite 308

Fundraiser and Celebration

at Happy Dog Gallery,
1542 N Milwaukee, 2nd Floor
6 pm – Midnight
Silent Auction ends at 10pm

This is the cooperative where I do a lot of my printing, especially my screen printing. They both provide a space for artists to print and do a lot of community education. Featured artists include:
Sanya Glisic, Rachel Niffenegger, Paul Nudd, Jeremy Tinder, Sonnenzimmer, Ellen Gradman, Sue Coe, Michael Miller, Andrew Blair, Cynthia King, Jeremy Lundquist, Wrik Repasky, Dutes Miller, Alex Chitty, Kathryn Rodrigues, Kim Heiney, Minna Sora, Angee Lennard, Jessica Taylor, Laura Szumowski, Liz Born, Brian Hoffmeister, Stano Grezdo, Pablo Phillipps, Erick Jurado, Dan Falco, Stacey Colangelo, Julia Hendrickson, Mischa Kegan, Daniel Mellis, Justin Santora, Jay Ryan (The Bird Machine), Tom Wilder, Matt Nichols, Hilesh Patel, and Fred Stone & Chris Flynn (donated by Anchor Graphics, a program of the Art & Design Department at Columbia College Chicago).

With music by New Now Know How and DJ Tomeeo.

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